We provide NAATI certified Greek translators and interpreters throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Our translators and interpreters have extensive experience in health and business sectors, and are always in place to provide you with professional services. 

Greeks constitute one of Australia’s longest-settled migrant populations. The Greek community keeps particularly strong ties to their homeland identity and culture. We have experience in translating and interpreting for our Greek-speaking clients. Some examples are listed below:

  1. ID Card
  2. Driver’s Licence
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Police Check

What are the varieties of Greek?

Standard Modern Greek, or Demotic Greek, is the official language of Greece and Cyprus. There are three main dialects of spoken Greek: Northern, Semi-Northern and Southern. These dialects are mutually intelligible in general.

Besides Greece and Cyprus, a sizable number of Greek speakers can be found in Albania, Italyand Balkans. Greek is also spoken by large Greek immigrant communities in North America, Australia and elsewhere.

Did you know?

With written records lasting for over 34 centurites, Greek is the oldest recorded living language! However, Demotic was only adopted as the sole official language in 1976 by the Greek government. Before that, it was used mostly in casual contexts. Katharevousa, an archaic variant of Greek, was the formal language used in academia, law, medicine and newspapers. 

In the areas of mathematics, astronomy and biology, Greek greatly influenced English. As such, many technical and scientific terms, especially prefixes, are of Greek origin. What’s more, almost every English that begins with “ph” such as photograph, philosophy and phobia, comes from Greek. It is estimated that 12% of English words are borrowed from Greek!

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  • More than ten years of experience in the areas of 
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    • immigration
    • law
    • social work
  • Extensive local knowledge
    • live and work in communities
    • tertiary-educated in Australia
    • engage in continuing professional development
  • A panel of NAATI certified translators and interpreters 
    • verified and approved by local authorities
    • strictly follow the Code of Ethics
  • A team of professional and experienced project coordinators
    • take the time to listen to and fully understand you
    • deliver service on budget and time
    • value your feedback and respond promptly

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