Our Chinese translators and interpreters are fully certified by NAATI at the professional level and we provide Chinese translation and interpreting service throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart. We also have qualified Chinese translators and interpreters in China, the USA and New Zealand.  

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Translation service:  Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese                                               

Interpreting service: Mandarin and Cantonese      

我们的中文翻译都拥有 NAATI 专业资质,在十多年间为澳大利亚各地提供中文口译和笔译服务,包括布里斯班悉尼墨尔本珀斯阿德莱德堪培拉达尔文霍巴特。我们也有位于中国、美国和新西兰的专业翻译。


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Where are simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese used?

Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Did you know?

“Mandarin” refers to Standard Chinese. It is the official spoken language of both Mainland China and Taiwan, and is also one of the four official languages of Singapore.

“Cantonese” is a dialect of Chinese. It is typically spoken in Guangdong and its neighbouring areas such as Guangxi. It is also the dominant language of Hong Kong and Macau. Cantonese is widely spoken among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and throughout the Western world.

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    • agriculture
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    • engineering
    • finance and commerce
    • health care
    • immigration
    • law
    • mining
    • public service
    • social work
    • tourism
  • Extensive local knowledge
    • live and work in communities
    • tertiary-educated in Australia
    • engage in continuing professional development
  • A panel of NAATI certified translators and interpreters in Australia
    • verified and approved by local authorities
    • strictly follow the Code of Ethics
  • A team of professional and experienced project coordinators
    • take the time to listen to and fully understand you
    • deliver service on budget and time
    • value your feedback and respond promptly
    • speak your language

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