We provide NAATI-certified Japanese translators and interpreters. They are experienced in the areas of IT, law, education and commerce. They are the language professionals who can assist you with cultural sensitivity.

Our translators have translated a range of documents for our clients. Some examples are listed below:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Birth Registration
  3. Driver’s Licence
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Official Letter
  6. Payslip
  7. Plane ticket
  8. Presention Slide
  9. Police Check

Our interpreters have attended legal hearings and trials, medical appointments and business meetings to facilitate communication between professional practitioners and Japanese-speaking residents and visitors.  

What are the varieties of Japanese?

Japanese language has four varieties: Eastern Japanese, Western Japanese, Kyushu Japanese and Hachijō Japanese. Among them, Eastern Japanese is perceived as the standard Japanese.

Even though Japanese uses Chinese characters (kanji) in its writing system, it was not derived from Chinese. Due to the fact that there is no direct derivative language that gave birth to Japanese, it is regarded as one of the most unique languages in the world!

One fun fact about Japanese is that it has a spoken syllable rate of nearly eight syllables per second, making it one of the world’s most fast-paced spoken languages. How crazy is that!

Did you know?

Japanese is the de facto national language of Japan. It is also spoken in Palau.

As Japan is comprised of around 6,852 islands, several languages are actually spoken across the islands. However, most of them are not mutually intelligible.

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  • More than ten years of experience in the areas of 
    • education
    • finance and commerce
    • health care
    • immigration
    • IT
    • law
  • Extensive local knowledge
    • live and work in communities
    • tertiary-educated in Australia
    • engage in continuing professional development
  • A panel of NAATI-certified translators and interpreters 
    • verified and approved by local authorities
    • strictly follow the Code of Ethics
  • A team of professional and experienced project coordinators
    • take the time to listen to and fully understand you
    • deliver service on budget and time
    • value your feedback and respond promptly

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