We provide NAATI-certified Filipino translators and interpreters. With extensive experience in the areas of health, law, immigration, education and finance, our professional linguists are always ready to provide assistance. 

The Philippines-born and Filipino community is one of the fastest-growing communities in Australia. Filipino is the national language of the Philippines and is based on Tagalog. Some of our certified translators are able to translate in both directions between Tagalog and English. Both Filipino and English are used for official communication and instruction in the Philippines.  

We have translated a range of documents for our clients. Some examples are listed below:

  1. ID Card
  2. Driver’s Licence
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Business Card
  6. Police Check

What are the varieties of Filipino?

Stemmed from Tagalog language, Filipino blends eight local languages with foreign languages like Spanish, Chinese and English. 

Filipino is based on Tagalog, but two languages have distinct differences in terms of grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. Even though Filipino has been enriched by various languages, it is less strict in grammatical rules when compared with Tagalog. What’s more surprising is that Tagalog actually has more vocabulary than Filipino!

Did you know?

Even though the Philippines has only two official languages (Filipino and English), it is home to around 120 to 175 living languages. In fact, the number of speakers in 13 local languages such as Cebuano, Ilokano and Waray Waray exceeds 1 million! 

One fun fact about Filipino is that it has many words with repeating syllables. Some examples are “óo” for yes, “is-ís'' for scrub, “bábà” for chin and “babâ” for going down. These words are like tongue twisters, aren’t they?

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