Our rates are very competitive . 

Note that for translations, extra services such as typesetting and formatting may be needed. For an accurate quote, please provide us with your document(s).


From $100 per hour for general interpreting (minimum booking: 1.5 hours)

Travel expenses may apply. 

Document Translation (per 100 words or part thereof)

General document translation: $20-$30 per 100 words

e.g. personal letters or emails, meeting notices, invitations

Commercial and technical document translation: $30-$40 per 100 words

e.g. marketing materials, business brochures, newsletters, medical records, legal contracts, technical manuals

One-page certificate (e.g. birth certificate): from $44 to $110 per page                                            

Extra certified hard copy of translation: $10                           

Please call us for all urgent (next day) requests. An express service charge of up to 50% may apply.

We accept payments by cash, bank transfer, Wechat Pay or credit card. There is a 3% surcharge on payments made via credit card.